You are not alone! Listen to these inspirational and motivational life stories from women who once struggled with food, dieting and fitness as they aired on the Tampa Bay’s Morning Blend on ABC.

Sandra lost 58 lbs. in 3 months at age 63 and has only just started her weight loss journey.

Garrie, age 61, lost 50 lbs. and dropped 5 sizes, and now feels strong and younger.

Ruth, 78, had double knee replacement surgery. Thanks to working out, she recuperated very quickly and now has no pain!

Stephanie suffered from chronic fatigue, rheumatoid arthritis, and several auto-immune diseases, plus had her thyroid removed. Twelve weeks into the program, she felt amazing and lost over 30 lbs.

Kim lost 67 lbs. and can’t believe how different her life is now.

Jennifer lost 33 lbs. and now has less stress and has more energy to play with her twins.

Alice, age 70, was controlled by food for years and now feels like she’s the one in control of her life. She’s lost 47 lbs. and is just getting started.

Debbie, age 62, was skeptical, as she was habitually dieting to lose weight. Now she loves the food she’s eating, the exercises she’s doing, and is down 3 sizes and 30 lbs.

Sunny did not like working out. She was bored with the same exercises and didn’t like working out an hour at a time. She’s loving our fun 30-minute workouts and has now lost 45 lbs.