Getting diagnosed and fighting breast cancer is scary and intimidating. Once diagnosed, a women’s life is turned on it’s heels and steps are taken toward curing, healing, and rebuilding, while still trying to be present for family and loved ones. The breast cancer diagnosis adds a significant financial strain, especially to families with little to no medical insurance. For the second consecutive year, Samantha Taylor Fitness offered the “Burpees for Breast Cancer Treatment” fundraiser event at all the studios during the last week of October. The trainers at Samantha Taylor Fitness offered to do a burpee per dollar donated and 100% of the funds raised were donated to Hooked on Hope, a 501c3 organization that helps cover medical costs for women battling breast cancer in the Tampa Bay area.

Members at all five Samantha Taylor Fitness locations accepted the challenge whole-heartedly donating dollars under trainer names, specifically trainers who love to incorporate burpees during the 30-minute sessions. On November 2nd, trainers met at the Land O Lakes location to knock out 3,000 burpees on Facebook Live on the Samantha Taylor Page for approximately 45-minutes.

“I am immensely proud of the effort put forth by the trainers to not only encourage donations toward this cause, but also to commit to completing a few hundred burpees during a FB Live session,” beamed Samantha Taylor, CEO. “This fundraising event allows us to help women in our community in a fun, interactive and healthy way.”

The top three donations were received by Kristy Myers Hess with $616, Sarah Skonicki with $433 and Tatiana Faye with $403. Trainers who completed burpees for breast cancer treatment were: Andrea Barnes, Tatiana Faye, Christina Gennaro, Hailey Sykes Hamel, Jo Anne Jagodzinski, Paula Girven, Kristy Myers Hess, Donna McCarthy, Shyanyne Pottinger-Wood, Amy Singletary, Sarah Skonicki, Brianna Southerland, and Carie Watts. The $3,000 check was presented to Jamie Stembridge Council and Lavinia Stembridge, Co-Directors at Hooked on Hope on Friday, November 9th. “We are so thankful for folks like you, who help us, help others,” said Jamie Stembridge Council.

Hooked on Hope currently partners with Florida Hospital Tampa, USF Breast Health, Moffitt Cancer Center, St. Anthony’s Hospital and St. Joseph’s Hospital. Women who need to seek financial assistance should apply through Hooked on Hope.