Boot Camps With Samantha Taylor Fitness

Click the button below that says “next” to book your appointment. I do recommend you book an appointment, you will find out exactly what program is right for you. You will also be shown the simple things we do to get great results to help you learn a healthier lifestyle instead of just a diet. After you book the Body Transformation Analysis you will receive an email with a link to answer a few questions so we can be clearer on what your goals are. See you then, we are really looking forward to meeting you! On this page, you can book for Palm Harbor, Carrollwood, Land O’ Lakes or Wesley Chapel.

IMPORTANT: Click one of the locations below, then click Next, when you choose the date and the time, scroll down to the blue NEXT button. Then fill out your info and make SURE you click the green SAVE button when done, on the lower right-hand corner.