Since 1999, Samantha Taylor Fitness has changed the way we handle weight loss and lifelong fitness. From her own personal struggles with weight loss and sugar addiction come insight and strategies into how to make lasting change in your life. We welcome all women who are ready for a change to one of our locations.

At our core, we are a personal training studio that specializes in providing quick, 30-minute workouts for the women in our communities. Our private studio focuses on the whole aspect of getting healthy, including nutrition, mindset, and exercise. From sculpting and toning workouts to support groups, we offer it all to help you redefine and shape your body. We offer monthly socials, weekly nutrition and lifestyle webinars, cooking classes, meal prep services, and more to help you stay on track. Our 3D body scans can even show you how much your body has changed in real time through its state of the art advanced technology.

You’ve never had a support group like this before! If you want to get started with our professionals and learn how to make a lasting change in your life, then get in touch. From nutrition to fitness, accountability and beyond, our team is here to help you succeed. We look forward to having you in our studio, you are going to love it!