Track Your Results

Sometimes, all you need to succeed is a little motivation and encouragement. While the certified staff at our women’s gyms provide as much positivity as they can, we know nothing can propel you forward quite like seeing irrefutable results. Samantha Taylor Fitness offers 3D body scans at all five of our fitness studios to help our clients see their hard work pay off.

While traditional measuring options, including measuring tape, can be inaccurate if moved ever so slightly, most 3D body scanning technology offers a 2mm accuracy margin. And this machine removes being uncomfortable with someone else measuring you. The print out of your results in 3D allows you to see the overall change happening in your body instead of relying solely on the scale.

Scales do tell us how much weight we have lost, but it doesn’t tell you the difference between losing pounds and toning your muscles. Many women still go down in sizes when this happens, but the numbers on the scale don’t change as much as they might think — after all, one pound of muscle takes up half the space as one pound of fat. We show you true measures of success that go beyond the numbers on the scale when you use our 3D body scanning technology at our gyms for women only.

At Samantha Taylor Fitness, we believe in offering every aspect of weight loss. From guided exercise sessions to match your fitness level to meal plans and seminars, we do it all to help you feel supported and encouraged on your weight loss and fitness journey. Contact us today to learn how we can help you reach your goals.